Role of United Nations Mission to Nepal on Peace process: A Historical Prospective


  • Bishnu Prasad Khanal T.U., Central Department of History, Kirtipur


The article entitled “Role of United Nations Mission to Nepal on Peace Process: A Historical Perspective”. Integration and rehabilitation of arms cadres are the most important processes in post-conflict countries. The facilitation of the United Nations Peace Mission agency, UNMIN, resolved Nepal's decade-long armed conflict. The main objective of this article is to explore the role of UNMIN in the peace process and armed conflict resolution in Nepal. The article depends on secondary data and qualitative research methods. The article covers only the peace process and describes the mandate, role, monitoring of the management of arms, PLA integration, peace process of the UNMIN in Nepal, and identified the lessons learned from UNMIN as every conflict has its national character, it should be understood in detail and supported where possible without interfering with the national character, and UNMIN tried the same in the context of Nepal. The UN should support the peace process if required or demanded by the warning faction and needs to use local conditions for negotiation and integration of PLA with livelihood and dignity in the society and security sectors for the sustainable peace process. Keywords: Armed conflict, Guerrilla, Integration, Negotiation, Peace process, Principles, War strategy.